National Technology Union

NTWU is About changing our Employment Law and Culture of Contempt for the Worker by today's Companies.

We thank you for your support of the National Union for Technology Workers. This Union has been needed for over the last 15 years an many of our Jobs were shipped off overseas or taken by H1B Visa Workers from the Far East and beyond. This site is about organizing all technology workers of any kind, IT , Hardware, Software and Applications Devlopers, Mobile Technology Workers, LCD Techs, any job that uses a computer or Artificial Intellence to complete their job. We are a one stop shop for assistance with finding jobs, getting retrained for Green Jobs, Veterens Assistance.

We are a new Organization that sprang up from the all the misery that has come to technology workers in the last eight years. We are here to say yes we can, and yes we will. Workers Rights are our mission and political power is our goal. We need to show Washington that we are one million or even two million strong. We want the AFL_CIO to come to us to ask our Union to join them so we can decide if they have decided to help the abandoned technology worker of the New Century. Come join us fight the good fight, fight for your family, fight for your right to have a fair employment, healthcare, 401K that is not tied to the Stock Market. Stand up with us and be a part of our family. I leave you this, "United we stand" or "Divided we fall"